80% Revenue Share
For introducing brokers
24-hour support
5 days a week
Up to $1000
CPA for affiliates
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PaxForex Multi-Level System

When a partner signs up a trader or other partner with PaxForex under his, he gets paid a commission. This generates what pours fuel to this very effective business structure. And the hierarchy does not stop there. When traders sign up for other traders, they get commission and level-1 partner also gets a commission that you will receive a % from. This way, the chain goes on for all levels.

This structure is called a multi-level partner structure. The program is the fastest and reliable way to grow your business. PaxForex has developed a way to befit every partner at every level by receiving payment from the clients and his partners and Sub-partners that will be under the partner.


A master partner is a partner who has recruited other partners to PaxForex. The more partners a master recruits, the more the master partner can earn a month. A master partner will earn a percentage of the commission from his/her sub-partner total earnings.


A partner or Introducing Broker (IB) is an agent which introduces new customers to PaxForex


A trader is a person who buys/sells Currencies, Indices, Cryptocurrency or Stocks

For Example

A1 Master Partner Sub Partner Commission 
    10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Levels   (You) Partners Level 1 Partners Level 2 Partners Level 3 Partners Level 4 Partners Level 5
  $10,000 $5000        
    $5000 $2500      
    $5000 $2500 $2000    
      $2500 $2000 $2000  
      $2500 $2000 $2000 $2000
Sub Partner Pay Outs $1606.42 $1064.2 $642 $420 $200  
Total Commission Payed $11,606.42 $16,064.2 $10,642 $6420 $4200 $2000


Increased Your Network
A big helping hand in bringing in new opportunities
The commission is based on the volume of trade made. Hence, the more the better